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The Way We Were
Muriel's Pictures

Pictures Of Muriel Kuykendall
Square Dancing And Friends
Through The Years
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Don's 85th Birthday
Party Pictures

Pictures Of Don's 85th
Birthday Party & BBQ Dinner
April 14, 2013 At Auburn Lakes
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Connie - The Early Years

Video Of Connie
During Her Early Years
Lindsey Grant
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Lindsey Grant At Genghis Cohen

8 Videos Of Lindsey Grant's
Solo Performance At
Genghis Cohen - Hollowood, Ca.
August 23, 2012
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Shortenin' Bread Line Dance

Video Of Muriel Kuykendall
And Her Daughter Eileen
At 2011 San Jacinto Day
Square Dance Exhibition
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Buddy & Oleta's Wedding

Pictures & Video Of
Connie & Charlie's Trip
To Buddy & Oleta's Wedding
November 1, 2008 - At Neverland Farms
Near Dahlonega, Georgia
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Waybourne Anderson's Birthday

Pictures Of Waybourne's
Party, Family & Friends
Waybourne Celebrating
His 80th Birthday
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Connie's 2007 Birthday Party

Pictures Of Connie's
Family & Friends
Helping Connie
Celebrate Her Birthday
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Al Powers' Family & Friends

Pictures Of Al Powers
Family & Friends
As they Gather
To Celebrate Al's Life
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Clogg Hopper 20 Year Reunion

Clogg Hopper 20th Anniversary

Reunion Clogging Videos

Reunion Pictures

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Gulf Coast Dance Scene

Gulf Coast Ballroom Dance

Local Ballroom Dance Bands
Local Ballroom Dance Schedules
Ballroom Dance Videos & Pictures

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Cody's Graduation Pictures

Derrick Cody Sampel

2007 Graduation Pictures
Taken May 5, 2007

Hot Springs
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Hot Springs, Arkansas Trip

Pictures Of Connie & Charlie's

Vacation Trip In March Of 2007
To Hot Springs, Arkansas
With Frieda & Gene Merrell

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Sunset United Methodist Church
Wesley Class - March 4, 2007

Pictures Of Wesley Class

Class Group Pictures

Class Individual Pictures

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Madison Jobe Bus Trip
For Senior Day At The Capitol

Pictures Of Bus Trip To Austin
1. Leaving Madison Jobe
2. Stopping At McDonald's
3. Outlet Malls At San Marcos
4. Days Inn In Austin
5. Pictures At The State Capitol
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A Valentine For Connie

A Video Of Connie's
2007 Valentine Present

The Houston Tidelanders
Singing To Her For The
Fourth Year In A Row.

Grants 2006
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Connie & Charlie's 2006
Christmas Trip To California

Pictures Of Christmas Trip
1. Decorating Christmas Tree
2. Skyler's Birthday
3. Christmas Day
4. Torrey Pines Basketball
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Connie's Birthday Trip
To Isle Of Capri

Pictures Of
Connie's Birthday Trip
To The Isle Of Capri
Hotel & Casino
November 27-28, 2006
Chicago Trip
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For Chicago Area Pictures

For Wrigley Field Pictures

Pictures Of
Connie & Charlie's
Trip To Chicago
& Wrigley Field
September, 2006

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Swingin' Seniors
Square Dance Club
Pasadena, Texas

Dances Every Tuesday
10:00 a.m. - Noon

Madison Jobe

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Madison Jobe
Senior Center
Pasadena, Texas

Varied Activities
For Senior Citizens

Music Note

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Mainland Dance Club
Houston, Texas

Houston Area Ballroom Dance Schedules

Tap Dancers

Click Here
Silver Star Tap Dancers
Tap Exhibitions & Classes
Pasadena, Texas

Classes Tuesday & Thursday
From 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Music Note

Click Here
Silver Star Line Dancers
Exhibitions & Classes
Pasadena, Texas

Classes Each Thursday
From 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

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